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Epson Color Proofing RIP

Accurate, predictable color from the same RIP that creates your plates. Navigator vDot proofing plug-ins produce accurate results when used in conjunction with many popular Epson printers. Using pre-cached custom profiles for Xitron X1 paper (as well as several popular Epson stocks) predictable, repeatable output is as easy as adding a proofing step to your workflow.


Further refinement is available through the Harlequin ColoPro color management module, which allows users to define specific input and output profiles, rendering intents, and output emulation choices such as Gracol, Fogra, and SWOP. vDot is available for all current versions of the Navigator RIP and Workflow, and will drive the following Epson models:

  • 4900, 7900, 9900

  • 7890, 9890

  • SureColor P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000 (SE & CE)

Epson 4900 Color Proofing RIP

Epson 7890 Color Proofing RIP

Epson 7900 Color Proofing RIP

Epson 9890 Color Proofing RIP

Epson 9900 Color Proofing RIP

Epson P6000 Color Proofing RIP

Epson P7000 Color Proofing RIP

Epson P8000 Color Proofing RIP

Epson P9000 Color Proofing RIP​

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