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fine ink control

RIP Options

Are you looking for a RIP and prepress workflow that can grow with your business, or perhaps you are simply looking to increase efficiency and lower costs by reducing the need for multiple prepress applications. Now you don't have to run a separate application for trapping or have to manually separate and pull die lines from jobs. Our software allows you to build a workflow that meets your specific needs.



Automated Trapping Option
TrapPro in-RIP Trapping for Inkjets is an automatic, object-based trapping solution available as an option for the Epson Film RIP. Trapping is integrated into the RIP for enhanced workflow efficiency and maximum job throughput.



Easily Remove Die Lines
Many packaging and label jobs include die lines and other technical separations which often need to be printed for proofing, or for aligning prints and pre-cut media or post-print die cutting. Those separations need to be removed from the raster data for production printing. Harlequin Contour Processor™ intercepts specified spot separations.



HXM Hybrid Screening
Hybrid Screening is a combination of

AM and FM screening. Hybrid screening is designed to improve print quality by increasing the output LPI for any given resolution. For example, if a printer is currently imaging plates at 2400 DPI

with output at 150 LPI and is able to hold a 1% dot when printing on the required substrate, using HXM screens it would

be possible to print at 200-250 LPI without any special pre-press or

on-press requirements.

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