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Frequently Asked Questions

What printers does the Epson Film RIP work with?
The software can output to the Epson T3270 and T3000 series, T5270 and T5000 series, and T7270 and T7000 series.

What kind of density can you expect on film?
When using an Epson T Series printer with proper film and standard Epson Matte Black ink, users can expect to output a density of 4.0 or higher. While the standard Epson ink will work for a variety of screen print applications, if you would like a more durable finish on film, you may want to opt for using UV blocking inks.

Can I output to multiple Epson printers?
Yes, you can use our software to output to up to three different Epson T series printers using just one RIP. This means if you have two Epson T3270 machines, you can run just one RIP and output to both devices.

What operating systems does the RIP run on?
Version 11 runs on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit, or Windows 10 Professional 64-bit.

Can I print from both Macintosh and Windows computers to the RIP?
Yes, while the Harlequin RIP needs to run on a Windows operating system, our software allows users to print to the RIP from both Macintosh and Windows computers over to the RIP.

Can I download the software?
Yes, Xitron can email a link with the license and download instructions. We will also ship out a DVD with the installation instructions and license information.

What's included with the RIP?

  • Xitron Navigator RIP Software with LDK (Electronic License)

  • Epson Film Plugin

  • Installation and Configuration Instructions

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