Xitron offers competitive upgrades for non-Xitron RIPs including Agfa Arkitex Grafix RIP, Printers RIP, Presstek PearlRIP, Heidelberg Harlequin RIP, Heidelberg QuickRIP, HighWater Torrent Harlequin RIP, Cascae Harlequin RIP, Cascade RIP, Rasterize It, EFI Fiery RIP Upgrade, EFI Fiery DI RIP, Rasterize-It RIP, K-RIP, Kammann Press Harlequin RIP Software, KRIP Software, Dolphin RIP, Eagle RIP, SD-RIP, SDRIP, SDP-RIP, Kammann CD Screen Printing RIP, Heidelberg QuickRIP, GIT (Graphics Integration Technology) and GIL (Graphics Integration Limited) Graphics Pro Harlequin RIP, Kodak HQ Harlequin RIP, MetaDimensions RIP Upgrades, MetaDimensions Upgrade Exchange Software, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Macintosh 10.10, Presstek Momentum Harlequin RIP, Rampage Upgrade, Rampage DI RIP Upgrade, Rampage Software Upgrades, AB Dick Harlequin RIP, ABDICK Harlequin RIP, Ultre Harlequin RIP, UltreRIP). Certain restrictions apply. Call or email for more information.

Heidelberg Quickmaster DI 46-4 Classic, Plus, Pro
Kodak (KPG) DirectPress 5034, 5334, 5634
Koenig&Bauer KBA Karat 46
Presstek 34DI, 34DI-X, 34DI-E, 52DI (Presstek 5334 DI and Presstek 5634 DI)
Ryobi 3404 DI, 3404 E-DI, 3404 X-DI
Xerox DocuColor 233 DI-4

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