Stand alone cip3 rips can be purchased or cip3 plugin for existing navigator rips

Supported Operating Systems
 The RIP Software supports running under the following operating systems:
• Windows® 7 64-bit
• Windows® 8.1 64-bit
• Windows® Server 2008 R2 64-bit
• Windows® Server 2012 R2 64-bit
• Windows® 10

Why use CIP3?

Whether you have an Xitron RIP or a third party workflow, CIP3 is a great addition to any prepress environment. CIP3 saves time and money by presetting your ink keys on press. Save labor, ink and paper all through one software solution.

Time and material can be wasted at the start of each press run while waiting for a quality sheet to print. Presetting your presses is one of the most important aspects of a prepress workflow. CIP3 saves wasted time by analyzing the same data used for printing plates and then shares that information with the press control system. The software automatically includes press-specific ink key settings in a RIPped file. This data is then provided to the press as a PPF file (Print Production Format file). When the PPF file is read by a CIP3 job card reader or LAN connection on the press, it provides instructions for automatically setting ink fountains on press. It saves the press operator time, minimizes errors and reduces waste. PPF files may contain any or all of the following items relating to the front and/or back of fully imposed press sheets:

  • Press ink data with presets for automatic setting of the ink fountains on press.

  • Administrative data such as job name, application name, copyrights.

  • Preview images for color separation.

  • Plate size and mounting position in relation to the press.

  • Separations required for the job.

  • Positions and colors of test strips allowing automatic setting of closed loop adjustments on press.

  • Positions of registration marks allowing automatic setting of registration test meters on press.

  • Positions of fold and cut data allowing preliminary setup of post press operations to be handled automatically


Output to any of the following supported CIP3 readers:

  • Heidelberg CPC32

  • MAN Roland PPI2

  • Graphics Microsystems, Inc. CIP3 reader

  • Heidelberg Web PrePress Gateway

  • Eltromat/KBA

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